Jenine Maternity.

This is my beautiful friend, Jenine.
I really don’t know any way else to describe her other than – Rad As F*#k , sorry for the foul language but I am known to throw out a F – bomb one and a while;)
She’s the kinda gal that wakes up early, is never late, and when you call her up on a whim and say ” Hey, let’s go to Osoyoos today,  for the weekend.. by ourselves ..  with our  5 kids —  she doesn’t even falter, she’s in.
I like her a lot, and  I’m so excited I get to photograph her little man be born very soon !

We had planned something different originally for her maternity photos, but then we got rained out ( I know socking, seeing as it’s been sunny almost every day the last couple of weeks.. )
She decided that  she  actually wanted them done at the comfort of her house, and I just love the feel and evident love of these photos.. And let’s talk about that belly, and those babies of hers.. I mean..;)

Nicole maternity

I’ve known this Mama for 21 years.
Seriously,  I feel so old.
We have history and sacred memories just the two of us that I will hold dearly for as long as I live.
More on us, HERE. 
Because I just told her, I’m too tired to write anything heartfelt.
She totally got it.

                                                                                Baby not #3 I cannot wait to meet you !! xoxo

Nico’s first Birthday

I had so much fun photographing this first birthday party last weekend.
Mom put in so many cute and special details and the whole thing came together so well!

Happy first birthday Nico !!

  Also – a huge thank  you to my girlfriend Cindy of Confetti and sparkle party shop for the referral and for all her talent with styling this party xxoo 

A super cute detail was these custom chalk posters  that will also serve as a keepsake too:)

And how cute is this birthday boy ! Like seriously ! Adorbs !
Invitations by one of my favourite own their own business’  Mama’s : Kardzkouture 
Custom lollipops by: Designer lollipop
Treat bags: Confetti and sparkle party shop
Tassle garland and gold hexagon plate: Confetti and Sparkle party shop 

Fans: TargetThe dessert table was amazing !!! So many cute treats  by: Cake by Nicole,  that tasted as good as they looked !!


Custom cake topper: Confetti and sparkle party shopOne of my favourite things was this pizza truck that came and cooked everyone amazing sandwiches and pizza’s right on the property!
Best. Idea. Ever.Coolest face painter around : Melanie dawn
Niki’s friend made this special plaque of Nico’s first year from her instagram and surprised her the day of the party with it .
And I mean, the gene pool here!
Truly some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.
Thank you for having me apart of Nico’s special day !

xx Michele

Sweet Love { nursing mini sessions }

I  have been wanting to do some nursing sessions for a while… By baby # 3 now, I know that this moment in time is gone far too quick,  and as Mom it’s one of the most sacred, beautiful and bonding things we will ever do in our lifetime.

My experience with nursing has not always gone beautifully like it has this time around, ( I am still nursing Harlan at 18 months. )   In fact, it has been the opposite. I have previously felt  insecure that I wasn’t ” that Mom”  that could nurse my baby. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I simply, could not.
 One day I will share my story, but I’m just not there, yet. 

 So parts of me felt apprehensive to have ” nursing sessions ” because I didn’t want anyone to feel ” left out ”  - I’ve been there, and it sucks.  I truly believe that as long as you are doing the best you can, may it be  pumping, nursing, bottle etc .. That is all that matters.

Going into the nursing mini sessions, I really didn’t know how they were gonna go, or what to expect.
Let’s just say I had moments behind my camera with every single Mama where I teared up.
The quiet and reflective moments between Mom and her baby were nothing short of beautiful.
I feel honoured to have been able to document this moment in time for them all…

My friend came with her little one, River  (-  you may remember I was there when she was born .)
And I’m just so happy with how her photos turned out!
She is such a beautiful, whimsy Mama and the camera just LOVES her !

My third to last session of the night touched my heart, and I went home reeling over our conversation, and the love that I witnessed.
This Mama immediately opened up and shared her heart with me.
She told me she had been following my work for a long time, but could never afford  it.
She told me how she was a single Mom, who had overcome many challenges and curves in the road of life.
I felt for her.
As the session began,  I couldn’t help ( yet again ) but tear up.
Genuine, real, unscripted, unposed,  mother- daughter love is what I got to photograph.
Her little gift from God.

Sweet girl, you are loved beyond measure <3

The birth of Buddy. { Abbotsford birth photographer }

I got the call  to this birth unexpectedly,  a few weeks ago.
One of my photographer friends was shooting a wedding and simply couldn’t make it.
The world of births is unpredictable and babies will come when they want to, not when their due date or ultrasound states they should.
I’m so thankful  to have recently ” teamed up ” with two other photographers who share the same love and passion for births that I do, so that no birth story will have to be missed.
The whole ” everything happens for a reason ” feels fitting for this, and I feel blessed to have witnessed such a beautiful birth, on a full moon,  summer night, in the comfort of a home his Mama grew up in, surrounded by people and of love.

Welcome to the World Buddy Joe.

This is your birth story -

M o r e   i n f o